Unlimited Free Energy project

Does the idea of never ever pay a cent more in natural gas, petrol, diesel, or electricity appeal to you?

Does the idea of: never hear or worry about global warming again, and read no news about war going on over oil resources, and never pollute again for buses, lorries, cars, trains, airplanes, boats, heating houses, hot-water, or transportation appeal to you?

Does the idea of never ever after you have bought a ECR “Energy Conversion Reactor that you never have to pay for energy again appeal to you?

If you answered yes, please I ask you: can you donate below to make it come true! and keep on reading this page – it is important!

Unlimited Free Energy gives you and I and everybody else unlimited freedom, a financial freedom to go anywhere! Please donate!

I have started a project to raise funds to the Unlimited Free Energy project. The idea is to build a machine that is called a “Energy Conversion Reactor” that can annihilate matter and convert example a grain of sand into pure heat energy, where the machine is as of a size of a V8 engine to heat and give electricity for a house for ever. The purchase price of the machine should be less than $ 8 000 US Dollars.

Is it possible? Yes if it is done in a correct way! I and a team of me have to research the best way, we have 3 different approaches: 1. Involving lasers, 2. Involving electricity, 3. involving magnets. Read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annihilation

How is the science behind it?

We have to look at the famous formula of Albert Einstein E=mc2.

It says the if you annihilate matter you will get energy out of it.

Example E=mc2 means Energy = Mass times the speed of light times the speed of light.

So in one liter of water we have 111 grams of Hydrogen atoms and the rest is Oxygen atoms. The math behind it would be then:

O,111 kg x 299 792 458 x 299 792 458= 9 976 182 483 978 676 joules= 1 000 000 000 kWh = That converted into a battery run car will give you 4 285 714 285,71 km = 4 892 year of continues driving 24/7 inn 100 km/t at a 70 kWh battery that usually would give you about 300 km driving distance on a battery car. So a small portion of atoms holds wast amounts of energy if they are annihilated , more than any human ever will need!

The conversion is done by creating antimatter,(antiparticle) and merging it with matter, the starts the annihilation process. read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antiparticle

The good thing about annihilation is two things: Lots of resources that we can’t empty, and there is zero pollution!

The Energy Conversion Reactor can produce 3 types of energy:
1. Heat
2. Electricity
3. Mechanical energy like a normal car engine does today.

For this reality to come true we are asking for investors and that you donate at least $10 USD! If you donate a $ 100 USD you will get a special right to get the first device first out of factory delivered to you before others can purchase it. You still have to pay the full price of it minus $100 USD. Estimated time from when we are fully funded to first product leaves factory to customer is less than 5 years.

When oil and natural gas and nuclear resources like plutonium and uranium resources for electricity production are depleted a solution like this will exist! But if we don’t build it today we will fail to quickly enough transform transportation sector and energy sector quickly enough to a new solution like this. The consequences will be devastating if we don’t do something about it. Some say oil companies will stop such a product, i think they will not do it, because they know that the oil companies are running out of oil to sell on the planet and that they will go out of business anyway because lack of resources and that it pollutes and more heavy regulations will come on engines where oil are used both price regulation and taxes on oil and CO2 certificates, and pollution taxes on fossil fuels. They know another solution has to come now.

Please remember to donate it is important for us so we can build a better future.

We need to find something better than oil, wind, solar, wave energy because they are not the best solution. A ECR unit will solve the problem, because oil resources are being depleted every day:

Look at this calculation how many years of oil we have left:

Crude oil proven reserves (as of friday 5th of april 2019 )is :1.665 trillion barrels of oil left on planet.
Crude oil production a day is: 80.77 million barrels X 365 days= 29 481 050 000 crude oil barrels production a year. Divide crude oil proven reserves / with crude oil barrels a year = 56,47 years left of oil on the planet. New solution has to come before 30 years have gone. Same problem for natural gas, and same problem for nuclear fuel reactors where we use nuclear fuel as uranium and plutonium in the reactors. Those uranium and plutonium reserves in the world will be depleted in less that two years if we would try to replace them with oil.

Because the molecular mass of Hydrogen is 1gram/mole, there is 1 mole of hydrogen in 1 gram of hydrogen atoms. For every mole, there are 6.02*10^23 atoms so in 1 gram of hydrogen there are 6.02*10^23 hydrogen atoms (in scientific notation) this is equal to 602000000000000000000000 hydrogen atoms.

Thank you for reading this important page!

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