Information stored in Mosaic can be rendered as a story.

Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials.

If you put one picture after another you can create a story. Many pictures put together can create a larger picture.

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Now lets say you put SIS Super information symmetry into the picture you can add following to the picture experience:

  • You can add text to the image as supplement.
  • you can add audio.
  • the image can create a feeling in your body like a mood change.
  • The image can create a sense of understanding the situation in the image.

an example is a image of Jesus can create:

  • a feeling of something divine – god.
  • A feeling of something holy and peaceful.

Now if you add text to the image people will understand who it is: Jesus.

Now in a Matrix simulated reality (or for God) it would not be difficult to add feelings and even words into your brain when you see specific images.

an example would be:

Let’s say you are walking down the street and you are thinking about if you should propose to your girlfriend this weekend because the weather report is good and you want to do it outdoors.

Now as just as you think yes I should propose to her this weekend. This image occurs on your path your are walking:

Affirming you thoughts with a thumbs up that you should do it this weekend. A feeling of right doing and love might rush thru your body at the same moment to affirm you that its the right thing to do.

Now the information (the image) you are seeing is “super linked” to the thoughts of your brain and comes as synchronicity into your “live life stream” of the world experience you are experiencing as you are walking down the street.

Image could be a commercial sign for example: Always like Coca Cola, but for you it is put there by God (or system admin) to be targeted information in your real world simulation to answer your thoughts. It could be a poster, from TV, a video, or from the internet where you see it.

The question is do images, audio, and text signs create a mosaic story that fits subliminal into our life story?  I think it do.

Another question that rises then is:

Who created a system like this? the devil? God? the Jews? The Orthodox Church? me?

Who knows?


Super Information Symmetry

Super Information Symmetry is a concept we developed to describe every part of an object in a structured symmetric way. 

This article is not about supersymmetry

An example of Super Information Symmetry would be:

a dynamical blueprint of an an car engine. A blueprint that is so dynamical that every bolt  bolt and screw would be accounted for in the drawing and that could dynamically show you what parts that need to be dismantled in the right order to change for example the head gasket.

The drawing would contain how many times you have to turn a bolt before it sits. It  would contain information to how many pounds force you would use to fasten the bolt.

It would contain information about the bolts size and weight, and what type of material and hardness it is made of. It contains information about what handedness the screw tread has either right or left, female or male tread. 

It would then also contain part numbers and where to order spare parts from. It would contain information about shipping companies and the customs clearing charges that would apply.

It would further on hold information about how many bolts there is, where they are used in the car engine, what parts its holds together,

And all this information would be possible to explore dynamically in 3D viewing from all angels, with possibility to see transparent thru layers.

It would hold information about how the movement of mechanical parts work. Angels, position, what follows the movement in the car/engine parts. Its like a dynamical blueprint that  runs like an engine – that cover the whole  engine running process.

The blueprint would also hold electrical wiring and circuit functioning simulation, with volts, amperes, signaling properties, AC/DC power. It would hold a diagram that simulates the flow in the circuit.  This is all just a simple example of all the information you could put into a system of super information symmetry.

Another Example of Super Information Symmetry would be:

Example having a program on your iPhone that do image object recognition (just like face recognition software, just of objects) for information purpose.

Lets say you take a picture with your iPhone of a yellow submarine.

Now the image recognition software could be able to detect that it is a Yellow submarine with windows on it on land and some trees in the background, blue sky.

Then it could give you references to yellow submarine and would automatically play Beatles Yellow submarine.

It would then link you to the Wikipedia article:

it would also give you the link to the article about Submarine.

and then to the color Yellow

It would also give reference to other things that are yellow.

links to other submarines, waterproof windows. Trees, green grass, blue sky.

Lets fetch blue sky and find synonyms for it: Blue heaven, and then it would play the song my blue heaven when touch the blue area on the picture.

On the pictures there is a some trees in the background and that would lead you to:

And then it could also give you Wikipedia article:

Now on the tree there is leafs .

You see where this is leading to. One bit of information can spawn into many new information elements – The information could be close to never ending.

Anyway this information can be collected into a .sis (super information symmetry) file a file that is like a CAD file(  just dynamically like a movie or flash file with xml structured data about each element on the screen.

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Simulated reality – MATRIX

Simulated Reality just like in the movie The Matrix 


Simulated Reality – Matrix

Benefits of running a world simulation inside a simulated reality just like the movie Matrix:

# You could run a safe world without accidents
# Resources can’t get depleted.
# Environment can’t get polluted.
# No wars
# Never get lost.
# No dust that need clean up.
# Good weather all the time.
# No financial crisis.
#No poverty
# No land conflict. Endless amount of land, possibility that people live on same address just in different dimensions.
# No diseases.
# A think and create reality.
# Time travel.
# Free space travel
# Possibility to roll back what you have done to the start.
# you can have simulated workers to help you build things and fill up the environment with at lot of sim people. Never alone.
# Faster than light travel.
# No corrupt governments.
# Build houses, roads, buildings and cars by installing them as an application in matter of seconds.
# You can stack billions of people into the reality, where each body only need a bed.
# Universities could be open for all, extended learning capabilities. The system helps you learn, understand and memories things.

The benefits are many and the ideas how things should be arranged just comes in never ending stream.

The idea is that simulated reality needs close to “Unlimited Computing” power, depending on the complexity of the world and the number of people in the simulation.

Is the Matrix real? Do we live in a simulated reality?

CERN particle acceleration

CERN particle acceleration.
The European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Unlimited Computing is follow the work at CERN with interest in the future discovery of the world largest science lab. The reasons for following this work is that it might lead to new discoveries and products in both computer technology and in the medical field.

Particle accelerator is working to find the smallest particles and the true nature of the basic elements in our reality. We don’t know yet the true nature of the elements in our reality, two example is what creates gravity or what creates mass?






What is nanotechnology: it is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.

Scale of nanotechnologyThe Scale of the Universe –

iPhones use nanotechnology in microchip, memory and cpu – all nanotechnology.

Computer have CPU with only 22 nanometers distance between the copper wires.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across all the other science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering.

Future medical solutions will use nanotechnology. Specialized nano robots, nano-tech pills, the future will show what will come.

It can be used to access parts of the brain that you cannot reach with traditional surgery instruments without damaging the brain.



Stem cell research and design software

Unlimited Computing is looking into stem cell research with new eyes on how to tackle the information that is stored in stem cells.

What it stem cell?




We are currently looking for partners willing to let us write custom software for stem cell research and for stem cell design to cover a global market need that is growing.



If you want to take the next huge step in Stem Cell technology please feel free to contact us.

We have 27 years of computer experience in our team.
We made software for a long time.


Project CADIS: Cybernetics Artificial Digital Intelligent Systems

Unlimited Computing is currently working on a project  called CADIS: Cybernetics Artificial Digital Intelligent Systems. In short you can call it AI – Artificial intelligence.

We have seen that AI is the solution for handling large amount of information that transforms like DNA/Stem cell activity.

We also see that it can be used in diagnostic imagining, to pre-scan examinations before radiologist view them to find those cases with findings of a disease, so they can be treated first.

We also would need AI in simulated reality (like the movie “Matrix)
This AI is needed for holding the simulation alive and a dynamically experience of the simulated reality.

With AI we can simulated how a specific drug would affect cells in the body without testing it on a living patient. Trials and errors can then be done many million times with recording of each event for learning later on.

Advanced pattern recognition uses AI.

More about AI:

You have Siri on Apple iPhone that uses AI.

There is projects like the computer Watson IBM.

 More AI videos:

Quantum Computers

Quantum Computers can solve puzzles that we yet not can imagine. They might not be in traditional computing any faster than a desktop computer, but with a bit length of 512 qubits instead of 64 bit it can solve mathematical equations faster because it need to to take fewer steps to come to the answer.

A 64 bit computer can only store a value of maximum 9,223,372,036,854,775,807  (32-bit computer can store 231−1, or  2,147,483,647)

a 512 bit computer would store 2^511 = 6,7039039649712985497870124991029e+153
that is:  6 703 903 964 971 300 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000,00

This opens up for higher memory addressing and addressing locations in  Planck scale in physics simulation:
A 512-bit CPU would be capable of addressing 384 Yottabytes.
Hence, a processor with 64-bit memory addresses can directly access 2^64 bytes (=16 exbibytes) of byte-addressable memory.


The use of it might not be obvious to start with but it can be used in areas like: simulated reality/physics simulation high resolution MRI images,  and for stem cell research it can hold the values needed.

Here is one manufacture of Quantum Computers 
System is said to cost $ 10 million USD.

High resolution MRI imaging

Unlimited Computing is focusing on high resolution MRI imaging

We focus on building high resolution 3D models of organs to be 3D Printed, but also for diagnostic and healthcare use.

The path we are walking on is opening up some really interesting new ways of seeing how medical solutions can be applied wit the breakthrough of new technologies and methods of doing things that is not known yet to the public.


The New Era of Supercomputing

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