our aim is to have: One cure system to cure all diseases and bad conditions.

This is planned made in special laboratory.

It includes, blood sample testing, Stem Cell research, and to develop a medication that aims not to only to stop the symptoms but to cure the patient so no medicine is needed in the furture.

(Investigation under scanning electron microscope) DNA Sequencing and mapping of all diseases in genome , MRI, CT, ultrasound, X-ray, and next generation radiology technology.

When you are sick you should not go to hospital(sykehus in Norwegian – means sickhouse directely translated) You want to a Healthy House (sunt hus in Norwegian) and become healthy again. You do not want diagnosis of the diseases you have, but diagnosis about you that say you are cured and healthy again.

I also aims to find a secret system in the Halo/glory ring above head on holly humans that can rebuild the whole body in perfect state.

like this link here shows:


Jesus with glory
Jesus with glory

The New Era of Supercomputing

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