To build the REsolution of the eyes it will consumes all of the data in Human DNA.

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This article is a new angel of view than this article has:

This means that there is a hidden super structured template that creates the human body .

‘If we would use all the data in DNA we could not even create the eyes!

Wide angel view of human beings eyes has a resolution of about 500 Megapixels.

Dived that by 2 megapixels that is the same as HD resolution(1920×1080) and you get about 250 HD monitors at HD resolution (computer screens or TV).

Now the image from the eyes data steam is raw biological format and estimated to about 5.7 Megabytes for one HD image.

So you time(it might be 10 -100 times larger than→)s 5,7 MB x 250 = 1 425 mb =1,425 Gigabytes. The eyes take at one frame of about 30 frames a second. That also means that the there must he at least 500 000 000 pixels (that is about 500 megabytes that delivers a data stream of 1,425GB an imaage) that make out the eye that must be created.

(1,425 x 30 frames = 42,5 Gigabyte a second. Times 60 seconds =1282,5 Gb times 60 minutes = 1282,5 Gb times 24 hours = 30 780 gigabyte a day times 365 days = 11 234 700 gigabyte a year times 80 years = 898 776 000 gigabyte a life)

Now the human DNA (Genome) is at 1,5 GB.

The code and system to create the eyes must be more than 500 megapixels large ( HD= 5,7Mb x 250 HD “cameras=1,425 Gb” )

It does not have enough data in the DNA that only have 1,5 Gigabytes in it.

And the human DNA must also be used to create other organs and brain that is a lot more than 1,5 Gigabytes of storage.

Example the brains is expected to have a storage capacity of 10 Exabytes = 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 bytes.

Logic is broken. (Maybe in Quantum Science we can find the answer there?.)

It shows that there is a hidden reality(system/science) behind the creating of the human body.

Either a computer simulated world we are living in or we live inside God or both.

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