Not enough information in DNA to build the body up from scratch

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Last updated 15.01.2021

This article is the biggest news about DNA since it first was discovered in 1953. Maybe this is biggest discovery and the biggest news in the history of human kind. We can see and figure out that there is something else than DNA running the major show.

The discovery is that DNA is just a biological configuration file of previously executed code and code that is going to be executed. It is not the raw code making up the whole human body. It just don’t hold enough information to build the human body up element for element.  Not even close!

In DNA from parents about 750 mb from each parent making up the embryo of total 1,5 gb of data before it starts to split into more cells.

OK, lets take the brain storage centers it hold about 10 exabyte of data.

Now to make each cell in the brain so that can store information you need a blueprint or instruction code to make it. You would need some sort of schematic diagram  – coded into the DNA to build the entire “system working structure” of the brain.

Now you would need a diagram much larger than 10 exabyte of data the brain stores.We are talking maybe yottabyte of schematic or some sort of binary code just for the brain and all the components of the brain. We are not even talking the entire body, just the brain!

DNA is just a configuration file for how tall you will be, how you will look  like ;eye color, skin color, fat, ancestor information etc. It can’t hold enough information about example how to build lung tissue, heart, kidney, liver, reproduction organs, digestive system.

When i say it can’t even if the binary code is compressed with zip like technology with 90 % compression. An example would be that if you say the brain storage cells is 10 exabyte you would need 10 million more times information just to build the storage cells, and that is not including the structure of the walls of the cells in the brain and the signal wiring between them. This is big, huge, enormous amount of data.

If to store information about all the atoms in the body, you would need 7 000 Yottabyte storage + times the diagram of location of all off atoms and the connection they have to their neighbor atoms building up the organs, skin, skeleton, etc. The diagram and binary instruction code for the human body might be as big as as estimate of over 7 000 000 Yottabytes!

What this article does is killing Darwin and all the evolutionary concepts  we have built on this planet. It kills traditional understanding of physics and medicine, and something new has to be implemented to build on this platform we are living in. Still we will have discovery of new things even if the evolution theory is dead.

The universe is a super advanced supercomputer with a biological 3D printer that reads a config file like DNA, understand that it is human DNA and load a lot large binary file called “the human body” that it then builds the body appearances after the config file called DNA.You are most likely living inside a simulation.

Simulated Reality – Matrix

Darwin is dead. An administrator like God is put into the picture again, because somebody must have built the working diagrams of the human body at over 7 million yottabytes for the biological human program that reads the DNA config file. The structure of the brain and nerve system is far to complex to be built by biological evolutionary processes and it does not have the code for it. There is at least 10 million times more code that we do not see just ad the brain storage center.  We are missing out the big picture of data going on. We are missing a lot of code! There is a system outside DNA that is running the consciousness, the nerve system and the rest of the body after a code called DNA. It is like master hub system for the body and soul to take place in.

Most likely consciousness might lay outside the body in the universe. Killing a human will not kill the persons consciousness and soul because it is store somewhere else. As the bible say you live inside God. It is also not only possible  but likely that God see everything you think and sees every action you do.

God did not leave a book for us humans about how the universe work and how the human body works. Only the bible.

No way can 1,5 gigabyte of data be uncompressed and compiled into 7 milllion yottabytes of data. If you think about it windows 10 Installation cd comes on 2.99 Gigabyte.  This amount of data is nothing compared to the complexity of the human body. Why should the human body have a code lesser than half of an windows 10 installation cd? The human body can do more things than windows can.

We need another type of MRI  to read the body configuration for humans. I also see a new way of doing therapy of damaged organs and body parts.

The idea that you spread your genes by reproduction is dead, its a config file you pass on for how you will look. Not your inside, soul or not the brain and body organs can be transferred to children from parents. This must be done in another system.

With all this calculations, reasoning and rational explanation you come to a conclusion that this world has come to informational system knowledgeable crash. It is not possible to continue rational thinking in this void we live in. It is what the movie  The Matrix says: System failure!  The information we have crashes the reality and belief system we live in and by. It is not possible on the standard model to continue exploration of how DNA – human Genome work without adding add new not yet developed ad hoc systems to understand how the universe and human body work. Believers will have to believe in God – atheists will most likely have a experience of a system failure – error. Conclusion we are living in a lie.

The numbers:

Need a lot more data than a yottabyte to create the body:

1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 bytes. = 1Yottabyte

Brain storage capacity

10 000 000 000 000 000 000 bytes = 10 Exabyte

Human DNA string contains only:

1 573 741 824 bytes = 1,5 GB

Human DNA 6 354 282 416 (6 billion) times less than the brain storage capacity.

1 byte is one symbol out of 256 possible symbols on that symbol spot.

Author of this article and the person made the discovery of the system outside DNA  is Tor Fredrik Bjerke.

Copyright 2015

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