Nettsafe is not a security solutions – Nettsafe is a secure solution!


  • It can browse the internet securely.
  • IT can send and receive encrypted e-mails, encrypt them or decrypt them. No more spam, no more messages from unknown, no more viruses.
  • It gives integrity check of the data.
  • It can verify if the file is safe and from the right source.
  • It can encrypt files on computer or dongle.
  • It can do secure signature of documents.
  • It can bring secure (example FTP) file transfers.
  • It can do secure transactions.
  • It can give secure downloads/uploads.
  • It can give secure integrity check of computer systems.

It runs as service on the net for everybody.

It is both a hardware and a software solution.

And for the believers in the bible about the mark of the beast, our systems and companies will have nothing to do with the beast, mark of the beast, devils or satan. We will never put a mark on our self, and not on your forehead or hand either.

The New Era of Supercomputing

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