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Religious Symbols and knowledge in the times we live in!

There a symbols that the time is near of the second coming of Jesus.

From the Bible: Zephaniah 3:9
For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent.

Genesis 11:7

Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

Genesis 11:1
Now the whole earth had one language and one speech.

A place in the Old Testament in the Bible ( I just can find the verse again) I have read that when the Lord comes again he will speak on language that all can understand.

Now we have Google Translate:

God can then speak one language (Example English) and everybody with a smartphone can install Google Translate on it and set it to listen to English speech – and select their own language (example Russian) and they can understand what God or Jesus says in their own language as Google Translate translate speech directly to text or voice in another language.

Or he just comes with a language that he makes us understand instantly.

Another symbol: Apple computers and iPhones.

This one has root in the beginning of time in Edens Garden.

God forbid them to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge in Edens Garden

They did it anyway, and they got thrown out of Edens Garden where they had everything they needed, and came into a world that was new and scary, not safe and they had to work hard.

29th of June 2007 the first Apple iPhone was released.

Then in 2007 the financial crisis started to build up! When it hit at full force one year later and on the stock market went down 50-60 % around the world. It was panic all over the world, desperation and chaos like no other time in history.

What was it? Well the apple that is eaten of is symbol of the history when Adam and Eva ate off the fruit of three and knowledge.

Well the same time the iPhone got released and Apple logo on the iPhone is an apple that is eaten off.

The iPhone symbolizes that we had now a device that had the ability to communicate in every corner of the world to any other corner, we could communicate and translate text, send video, sound, e-mail, take and send pictures and video to anybody, find any location with GPS, a device that had access to all of the information in the world(the Internet) at your finger tips. (tree of knowledge)

And what does it look like when we hold “The Apple” iPhone is in front of our face/ mouth while we are talking in phone? It looks like we are chewing / eating of an Apple!

The symbolism of this is a masterpiece.

After that the world with all people got thrown into a scary and new world.

Now a look to the apple(“forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge”) in Edens Garden that was eaten off!:

Maybe a horse ate off that apple(“the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge”)in Edens Garden?

God told Adam and Eva not to eat of the “forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge”)

There is no story of that God told told the horse not to eat of the “forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge”

and then maybe Adam and Eva is innocent?

When somebody dies:
When somebody dies a relativ can in remote location from the person that dies, without being told, read, phoned or listen to other persons; they can pinpoint the exact time “George” died. It is that they instantly know that the person is dead. What is this type of communication between people thru the univers to other people?

They say people often dies on Thursdays.

It says that the soul weighs 21 grams, and that when people die they go down 21 grams in weight.

They made a movie about it called 21 grams:

In science: “The God particle” called Higgs Boson.,tools%20to%20probe%20these%20phenomena.

The Cern facility with particle accelerator and the whole installation cost something like $22 billion

Look at this scientific movie: ♡ What the Bleep do We Know ♡ If thoughts can do this to water imagine… ♡

Global Consciousness Project:

When some event like new year or terror happen, a bunch of random number generators (that produce digital 0 or 1 random) spread all over the world starts to behave differently at that exact moment.

The odds against chance are more than a trillion to one for this to happen.

It can look alitel bit like the “Butterfly effect”

The Double Slit Experiment:

If you put “God” into the equation when you monitoring which slit the electron went thru you could solve it by saying: since you are measuring which slit the electron goes thru then I God(Universe) must give you an exact answer and that is why you get the two band and no interference pattern.

In Norwegian:


Hvis det er en simulert virkelighet vi lever i eller vi i Gud, så er det en kjempejobb å lage systemet(kjempejobb av Gud å skape det, kjempejobb av menneske å oppdage tingene man kan gjøre med materie) (universet med regler som man må programmere inn først) man er i så man kan se disse effektene:

In English:

Great achievement:

If we are living in a simulated reality or we live inside God, then it is a great job done to make the system(a great job by God to make the system, and a great research job by humans to find out all the things they can do with matter)(Universe with all the rules that need to be programmed først into the systems. that we live inn and can see the effects.:

Backmasking is music /lyrics/sounds played (created) in reverse with hidden messages you don’t hear while you play it forward

Take a look at this songs:

Michael Jackson – Earth Song (Official Video)

The song in reversed-

I have downloaded the song from youtube with and loaded the song into AVS Audio Editor from

Then i click Effect menu in AVS Audio Editor, and then the “Reverse” button, and then play so you can hear the truth.

I CAN CONFIRM THAT: Michael Jackson Earth song is real in reverse and strait forward.

I can also confirm that Ghostbusters in reverse is real too.

I can confirm that Stariway to heaven in reverse is the true song played backwards.

Orginal Ghostbusters song:

Then the song in reverse:

at 3:05 in the reversed song it says;Hey a stop sign.

And the orginal video has a stop or no ghost sign.

I also think they say;: “Thery are outside”. maybe refering to Ghostbuster or ghosts that they are outside.

Stairway to heaven forward:

Creator of stairway to heaven: “To me it’s very sad, because ‘Stairway to Heaven’ was written with every best intention, and as far as reversing tapes and putting messages on the end, that’s not my idea of making music.” This really should be enough to put the idea to bed once and for all.

So if it was not his intention to make it that way, and it become that way means that it can not be a freak a one-time action(because there a re many others and it has sentences that make meaning). It must haven been planned by something invisible and smarter thean humans, that makes human create it that way, without telling the human it.

Something with: Disiplin! Order, Perfection and self control.

Stairway to heaven in reverse:

Here is the symbolism: Eric means the Eternal ruler (God) – Playing riding with the king, where King refers to King of Jews, Jesus.

Played backwards I can hear: Let me out of here.

Either out of a cage, prison, cofffin or grave or out of this world with all the bad things happening here.

The next one one: by:

“Danger Mouse (Brian Joseph Burton (born July 29, 1977),)

has a Song called: “Lucifer 9 (Interlude)” made also by

and Jay Z – Shawn Corey Carter (born December 4, 1969),

with writers:


Kanye West (

Hugh Perry (

Armend Cobi:, I don not know if this is right link:

Maxie Smith, (

and produced by Carter(

the Song Lucifer (666) is hate speech crime against Jesus( against religion, and against: God, church, people called Jesus and christians)

ReleasedNovember 28, 2003
RecordedJuly – October 2003

ReleasedFebruary 2004
Recorded30 May – 14 October 1968 (The Beatles’ sessions), 2003 (Jay-Z’s session)
GenreHip hoprap rockmashup
ProducerDanger Mouse

Some says that Jay Z and Danger Mouse is linked to freemasons and Illuminat andi that in the song is telling the devil 666 to murder Jesus.

(subliminal programming of human mnd to make people hate or murder Jesus)

Music should be removed and authors/writers, creators/participant of it should be charged and punished for hate crime and atempt /trying /encourage somebody to murderJesus and Concpiracy to murder

Warning: foul language in videos:

Take this video:

Download it! reverse it and you will hear they say 666 Murder Jesus.

There is a lot more music with backmasking out there!

What you say or sing can become something else in reverse.

What you say in one language can mean something else in a another language.

God over Humans – humans Mind/thoughts, actions, feelings and words over matter:

Look at this: I have not tried this my self yet, but I do not distrust this videos.

Why I belive this videos can be real:

From the Bible: The Eternal Word – John 1:1

1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was in the beginning with God. 3All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. 4In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not [a]comprehend it.

The secret of the universe and God and Jesus is what you belive in, what you think, what you say, what you do and play out comes to life.

You know; if you say to your self: There is no God, No Jesus, no christianity, no religion, no church, no eternal life, no intelligent system in the universe , then God, Jesus – The universe and even your self give you just that what you make of it. No God, no intelligent systems. No eternal life.


If you do as I do! belive in God and that he can do anything, you belive in Jesus, amazing realization and miracles of your life will happen, higher intelligence – super smart and super structured universe, Gods Laws above human laws, eternal life, abundance, riches and peace you will get that!

If you say beautiful snow flakes and they will fall down during snowing as beautiful. If you say ugly snowflakes then they will be be crappy lookin snowflakes.

Try it and post the video on the net.

Mer en tilfeldig? – Samling 2

Oppdatert sist Mandag 14 September 2020 kl 21:41

Forfatter: Tor Fredrik Clemens Dahlseide Bjerke og Nikolai.

Dette er en fortsettelse av artikkelen “Mer enn tilfeldig”

Dette er informasjons kunst. Skapt for å bevise en høyere makt.

Super information symmetry – (noen kaller det synchronicty – ) sammentreff, men høyst sannsynlig ikke tilfeldigheter:

Dette er informasjons kunst med meget høy disiplin. Skapt for å bevise at en høyere makt (Gud) eksister.

Escape room:

Noen skulle til et arrangement som het Escape Room.

Da streiket heisen. Og det ble en virkelig Escape Room å komme ut av det lukkede heisrommet.

Se artikkel i nyhetene:


“Participants included FEMEN( activist Inna Shevchenko, who was addressing the audience when the shooting took place”

Hva er det hun har å si som får islam til å skyte på foredraget hennes?

Inna er kjent for å være en kruttønne, og det ble skyting(krutt er i kulene) på det arrangementet som hun var med på som ble holdt på Krudttønden cultural centre

Keys to the highway:

Denne låten begynte å spille da jeg tenkte på nøkkelene til bilen for å kjøre ut en tur.

Akkurat da de sang:

“I’ve got the key to the highway”

Så festet blikket mitt seg på nøklene til bilen på kjøkkenbenken.

Bade katten Smule:

Jeg gikk Tirsdag 1 September 2020 – klokken 19:36 ut av Vestby kjøpesenter. Jeg tenkte at når jeg kommer hjem så må jeg bade katten min Smule. Da ringte jeg til kjæresten min: og hun svarte: Jeg kan ikke snakke nå fordi jeg skal dusje.

Bade + dusje =samme sak.

Røde kors pantelotteri. Tirsdag 1 September 2020

Jeg pantet flasker på matbutikken Kiwi.

Jeg trykket på røde kors pantelotteriet knappen.

Jeg vant 100 kr!

Da jeg kom hjem til min far var min søster der på besøk.

Jeg sa jeg vant 100 kr på røde kors pantelotteriet hvor en sum går til veldedighet.

Søsteren min sa: Så rart! Jeg drømte i natt at jeg vant 100 kroner på røde kors pantelotteriet.

Tirsdag 15 September 2020 kl: 21:41

Carl Jung – Synchronicity – Some of this story is from 1th of April 1949

See Wikipedia link about this topic:,seem%20to%20be%20meaningfully%20related.,seem%20to%20be%20meaningfully%20related.

Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, by CG (Carl Gustav) Jung.

52 minutter og 50 sekunder inn i Transformers 1 filmen:

Text from the clip above:

What is it?
It´s a robot
But like a…
Like a different
You know, like a super-advanced robot
It’s probably Japanese.
Yeah, it’s definitely Japanese.

What are you doing?
I dont think it wants to hurt us.
It would have done that already.

Really? Well, do you speak robot?
Because they just had, like, a giant toy death match.
I think it wants something from me.
The other one was talking about my eBay page.

You are the strangest boy I have ever met.

Can you talk?
⁃ XM Satelite Radio. Digital cable brings you…Columbia Broadcasting System.
⁃ So you… You talk through the radio?
⁃ Thank you, you’re beautiful.
⁃ You’re wonderful, you’re wonderful.
⁃ So what was that last night? What was that?
⁃ Message from Starfleet, Captain…
⁃ Through the inanimate vastness of space…
⁃ Angels will rain down like visitors from heaven! Hallelujah!
⁃ What are you, like an alien or something+?
⁃ Any more questions you wanted to ask?
⁃ He wants us to get in the car.
⁃ And go where?
⁃ Fifty years from now, when you’re looking back at your life, don’t you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?

Dette kan være et symbol på at man kan få beskjeder fra himmelen som snakker igjennom himmelen, radio, aviser bilder, tv, video eller internet, siden de sier:

⁃ Message from Starfleet, Captain…
⁃ Through the inanimate vastness of space…
⁃ Angels will rain down like visitors from heaven! Hallelujah!

Disiplinene som må skapes og læres før man kan tre inn i nye paradigmer innenfor helse for å løse et hvilket som helst medisinsk tilstand/diagnose.

Paradigme 1:

Komplett atom analyse av kropp /objekter! Full beherskelse av å lese av universets atomer og molekylers sammensetning og lagre det i en datamaskin.

Disiplin: Digital analyse av sammensetningene til alle atomene og larging av de dataene i menneskekroppen.

Krever høyere grad en professor på universitet:Grad: «Super humans»

For å tre inn i et system for å analysere alle atomene i menneskekroppen og lagre det trenger man:

En maskin som har helt ny teknologi i forhold til dagens teknologi, hvor den nyt teknologien kan interfaceses mot universets sammensetning lover og system og gi en nøyaktig sammsetningsbilde/»datasett» av alle atomer og molekylære konfigurasjon i menneskekroppen.

Kunnskapen om universet må derfor økes! Antar at CERN er på saken.

Kunnskapen om hvordan bygge en maskin som kan gjøre dette må finnes opp.

Maskinen må bygges opp fra bunnen av – ny kunnskap for å behandle «large datasett» må på bordet.

Paradgime 2:

Enorm levering av energi / forbruk av strøm til systemet!

Disiplin: Forståelse fysikk og av Albert Einstein sin E=mc2 formel.

Det vil være enorme datamaskiner som behandler denne informasjonen. Faktisk verdens største maskiner vil det bli.

Skaffe nok energi til å kjøre maskinene sikkert og uten strømbrudd og under bakken skjermet fra stråling fra mobiler, universet/gammaglimt / EMP/kjernefysiske utladninger.

Det krever stabil energi med 2 energi kilder i tilfelle den ene slutter å fungere, den trenger ren sinus kurve på strømmen og nøyaktig 50 Hz i frekvens.

Paradigme 3:

Økonomi – Kostnaden for en maskin!

Disiplin: «Master of Finance» God planlegging og statelig subsidiering.

Skritt 1:

Datamaskinen som skal behandlet et menneske ved å datafangst av atomenes sammensetning antas å koste med dagens teknologi ca 2 millioner verdensøkonomier @ $ 130 trillion dollar for hver verdensøkonomi.

Skritt 2:

Datamaskinen skal analysere og danne et bilde av den «friske/riktig» kroppen antas å koste med dagens teknologi ca 6 millioner verdensøkonomier @ $ 130 trillion dollar for hver verdensøkonomi for et menneske! Dvs det er 1 gamle datasett! 2 hva som skal endres i datasettet og 3. Hvordan det riktige datasettet skal se ut etter fullført endring

Skritt 3:

Uploaded og endre kroppen til den riktige konfigurasjon av atomer som gir et friskt individ:

også skal den scanne kroppen på nytt for at kvaliteten på prosessen har gått rett for seg. Det antas å koste med dagens teknologi ca 4 millioner verdensøkonomier @ $ 130 trillion dollar for hver verdensøkonomi.

Det blir ca 10 % billiger per 10 år, samt at utviklingen går videre, og gjenta samme prosedyrer fra tidligere, korter ned tiden og kortere datasett som trengs til å endre noe eller datasett som trengs å prosesseres.

Paradigme 4:

Datamaskinen må ha stor CPU kraft for å håndtere alle dataene.

Disiplin: Forståelse av ny CPU teknologi.

Noen tenker seg på Quantum computing, men det er ikke sikkert det er så effektivt som å lage optisk CPU på 128 bit som har en klokkehastighet på 500 Ghz per kjerne – hvor maskinen har 1 000 kjerner.

Det er store maskiner som bruker mye strøm, mye plass og varmeutvikling.

Her må rommene holdes kjølig så det er ikke blir datafeil,(som kan skade pasienten)

Det er tenkte 2 prosessorer som gjør samme beregning av samme data og kontrollerer at det er riktig etter at et er skrevet til disk.

Paradigme 5:


Disiplin: Håndtering og lagring av data i over Yottabyte klassen.

Vil være store lokaler fylt med lagringsdisker.

(SSD lignende – solid state disker må bli raskere, mye mer stabil (MTBF – Mean time before failure) Det er vil være veldig store maskiner som rommes innfor store bygninger som rommer lagringsløsnigen. Effekt i watt bør gå ned og god ventilasjon for å holde datene både trygge og kalde.

Det er tenkt speiling av dataene over 2 disker for datamengdens integritetssikkerhet.

Paradigme 6:

System arkitekturen mellom enheter må være mer enn terrabit optisk.

Disiplin: Utividet optisk nettverks forståelse og «hovedkortt» til datamaskinen

Dvs optisk TerraBit switching av pakker mellom CPU, RAM, Harddisker, maskinen som skanner atomene, maskinen som analyserer atomene, og maskinen som uploaded ny config til pasienten og nettverk.

Paradigme 7:

Minne må være på mange Petabyte og ha overføringshastigheter på over mange Petabyte.

Disiplin: Ny Minneteknologi!

Det må ha Petabyte lagringskapasitet.

Det må overføre i Petabyte hastighet.

Det må bygges et form for minne «raid 0+1) hvor man striper data over flere minnebrikker og hvor man speiler dataene for å kontrollere med checksum om dataene er riktig før de blir skrevet til minne, mens de er minne og det der på vei ut av minne og inn på disk eller til CPU.

Paradigme 8:

Operativsystemet og Softwaren/tjenester må skrives i maskinkode/Assembler.

Disiplin: Kunnskap om ny hardware og ny maskinkode! Lage ny maskinkode.

3 grunner til det:

1. Mer stabil run time environment. Vi kan ikke ha prosseseringsfeil.

2. Mye større ytelse på transport av data og prosessering av data.

3. Det er ny hardware som trenger ny software.

Paradigme 9:

Det må bygges et bibliotek basert på gjennomsnittlig skanninger fra forskjellige individer som danner en «standard» av hvordan atomer(systemet i nervetråder, muskler, hjerne osv) i kroppen/organer skal være.

Disiplin: Håndtere mye data og analysere (med AI – Artificial Inteligens) hva som er riktig/sunn kroppskonfigurasjon. Det å finne det rette datasettet til hvordan atomene i kroppen skal være sammensatt.

Dette biblioteket må integritets sjekkes opp mot DNA til personen.

System må analysere innsamlet data. Så må den skrive en fil om hva som skal endres på, også må den lage en «sunn konfigurasjon av kroppen» datasett i en ny fil.


Paradigme 10:

3D printing av organer og annet.

Disiplin: Printe organisk materiale i nanometer skala opp til et fullt fungerende organ i full størrelse. Det organet må matche DNA og blodtype med pasienten for å forhindre fra-støtting.

Det som kan printes er for eksempel nytt: Hjerte, nye Lunger, Nyrer, Milt, Lever, Hud, Bein, Ledd, og Knokler. En biologisk 3D printer kan for eksempel printe ny arm med fingre eller nytt ben.

Vi kan anta at vi kan lage organer bedre enn de originale.

Paradigme 11:

Programming «human bodys matter» interface.

Disiplin: Full kontroll over fysikken og dens lover, full kontroll over datasetet som skal «uploades» til kroppen, hvor et «Programming matter interface» som «sender til/ snakker med kroppen» sørger for at konfigurasjon av atomer blir riktige i kroppen som løser sykdommen(lidelsen) for pasienten.

Den maskinen som kan programmere materie/kroppen må finnes opp.

Hva vi kan oppnå er som følgende:

Fjerne sykdommer som Parkinson, kreft, demens, slag,skjørt skjellet/beinskjørhet, hjerteinfarkt og mange mange andre sykdommer.

Dette systemet med alle sine paradigmer og disipliner kan gjøre en 90 år gammel person til 20 år igjen. Det er ikke sikkert at det lever mer en totalt 120 år siden det er en grense satt i bibelen av Gud.

Jeg ser også at man kan løse psykiske problemer med systemet.

Jeg ser også at systemet kan lære oss språk og kunnskap som programmeres inn i hjernen.

Det er også mulig at selv om man setter kroppen til helt frisk status. Så kan Gud av andre grunner f.eks at personen har begått synder, eller har gjort sin tjeneste i livet, utført en oppgave i livet eller andre grunner som gjøre at personen dør.

Det er et annet skult system bak fysikken/materie vi ser/kjenner/måler i dag som regjerer over virkeligheten.

Les denne:

Det enkleste er nok å be til Gud om å helbrede meg og deg.

The meaning of Super Information Symmetry



  1. 1.INFORMAL very good or pleasant; excellent.”Julie was a super girl”

2 .(of a manufactured product) very good; superfine.”a super quality binder”


especially; particularly.”he’s been super understanding”


  1. 1.INFORMAL a superintendent.”the super walked around the incident room”
  2. 2.INFORMAL ARCHAIC an extra, unwanted, or unimportant person; a supernumerary.


nounnoun: information

  1. 1.facts provided or learned about something or someone.”a vital piece of information”

a charge lodged with a magistrates’ court.plural noun: informations“the tenant may lay an information against his landlord

2.what is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things.”genetically transmitted information”

  • COMPUTING data as processed, stored, or transmitted by a computer.
  • (in information theory) a mathematical quantity expressing the probability of occurrence of a particular sequence of symbols, impulses, etc., as against that of alternative sequences.


nounnoun: symmetry

The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.”this series has a line of symmetry through its centre”

correct or pleasing proportion of the parts of a thing.”the overall symmetry makes the poem pleasant to the ear”

Similarity or exact correspondence between different things.plural noun: symmetries“the political symmetry between the two debates”

PHYSICS MATHEMATICS a law or operation where a physical property or process has an equivalence in two or more directions.

For en enorm bragd av GUD, JESUS, Mennesker og verdenen som er kalt planeten Tellus – Jorden-Kloden. Kjært barn har mange navn.

For en enorm bragd av Gud og Verdenen. Den huser i dag søndag 10 mai 2020 ca 7,7 milliarder mennesker som blir brødfødd av jorden. Se her:

Planeten brødfør 7,7 milliarder mennesker, den leverer hus, biler motorsykler, mopeder, helikoptere , fly, tog, båter, olje, gass, kull, veier, og navn på veier og steder og navn på bedrifter, personer og stater, fjell og sjø, fisk, frisk natur, luft /oksygen til å puste, 4 årstider, 4 elementer,: ild, luft, jord og vann, dyr, trevirke, trær/skog/blomster, strøm, TV, radio, mat fra landbruk/havbruk og kjøtt, vann, medisiner, skoler, universiteter og høyskoler, stater, bedrifter/næringsliv, butikker, forsknings organisasjoner, helsevesen, satelitter/GPS, romstasjonen ISS, romfart, Gud – Jesus – Kristendom (religioner) venner og familie, digital røntgen (Ultralyd & MRI & CT) datamaskiner, nettbrett, laptop, printere, scannere, digital kameraer og digital videokamera HD, 4K til 8K , regnskaps og logistikk systemer, mobiltelefoner og smarttelefoner, programvare og tjenester, kvante datamaskiner, filmer, lydbøker, podcast, Netflix, Youtube, HBO, musikk videoer, kunnskap, underholdning, smarttelefoner, internett, språk og arbeidsplasser.

Det er bare å ta av seg hatten for å gjennomføre en så stor logistikk daglig. For et mesterverk, for en disiplin av kloden.

Man kan si at Gud og verdenen har stor ordensans hvor vi bare kan takke Gud og jorden Tellus for all mat alt vannet og ting vi får og kan skape-Jorden kan bety Jord planet, eller Jeg Orden(jeg har ordensans) elller Jern Orden. (kan bety at det går på jern skinner eller at ordenen er så stram som jern er.)

Litt nostalgi:

Unlimited Computing prøver å bygget konsept på at man vil bare øke med å gjøre datamaskin beregninger og kjøre programmer og analysere data; At det vil bare øke og øke i det uendelig så lengde det blir født nye mennesker. Det er å sette på spissen at Gud har uendelig ressurser og kan beregne ting i det uendelig for oss.

The truth

If you believe in higher powers like God and Jesus that have greater powers than youself, companies, organizations, and government/states, then you are on a good patch!

If you belive in the lord God almighty, you belive in yourself and that the world / universe(+God and you) are super smart and advanced, rich; safe, have friends and family an house, car, food, fun and amusement, all the money you need and that there is life after death you will get from God and Universe just that what you: believe, want you desire, what you ask for, what your faith is, for what you aims are for and move in directions off your will and wants and set your self in the mood to receive gifts(think that you receive it) and you will get this/it in some time!

You will then get this things you need.

Now if you do not believe in great things and not surround your self with greatness; like do not believe in God and Jesus then your life will be boring and there will be no life and death!

God the controller of the universe will give you what you think and want! Regardless if you are a believer or not!

In computer science we say that the program with command is immediately uploaded to the brain by BIN-HEX installed, implemented and run on the fly in live time! that is how fast it goes = instant – faster than light!

“THE SYSTEM” above all other systems!

What is “THE SYSTEM”?

It is alive, but it is not alive like a human is alive.

It is the world, the universe, nature, nanotechnology, electricity, radio waves, light, humans, animals, technology, quantum super positions.(super states)It seems to be quantum entanglement, delivery at the best state of the art experience that is perfect combination of feelings, art, thoughts, actions, body control, and systems linked to other external sources.! It has extreme control and extreme disiplin all the way down to the last grain. “The System” is hyper smart, hyper structured. It is linked to bits scattered in the world to form a large picture of many small pictures and a concept of that there is a God and it creates belief in God and Jesus without any shadow of doubt because it is proven systematically, mathematically, scientifically and knowledge that there is a system of higher power that most likely is omnipotent! Thank you God and Jesus and myself for all that I have got in my life and for all the thing I am going to get!

“The System” is a masterpiece above Albert Einstein knowledge like (e=mc2)

It is above Leonardo da Vinci masterpieces like:,_Salvator_Mundi,_c.1500,_oil_on_walnut,_45.4_%C3%97_65.6_cm.jpg,_by_Leonardo_da_Vinci,_from_C2RMF_retouched.jpg

It surpass even the greatest works like: Beethoven – Symhony No. 5

And Edvard Grieg, In the Hall of the Mountain King from “Peer Gynt”

and Edvard Grieg – Morningmoods.

What is Super Information Symmetry(SIS) in “THE SYSTEM”?

All information: notes, papers, TV shows, magazines, books, signs, newspapers, painting, drawings, logos, photos, posters, movies, music, radio, internet, computer file(pictures) word document, excel documents, computer programs, and names of people and places are all in what seems chaotic with no system in it but for a believer i it is under a super disiplin and super structures of Super Information Systems.

SIS is a hyper intelligent knowledge information system that is driven at high detail precision targeting information and links the information of your sate as; thoughts, locations on GPS (as example) on a webpage, signs, posters, music, movie, TV, smartphone, computer information, information from other people, and artwork and setup a link between them(the world state) with what your see, what your think, and what happens around you. Is the world objects in entanglement with your brain and timing the information at body at a super state.

Now since I am the person who wrote down details about “THE SYSTEM” and “Super Information Symmetry” what is it, how it works and I am christian I must assume that this comes from God. The System and SIS is an extreme rich detail plan and come with a smashing truth that can set you out of balance.

Why “THE SYSTEM” seems to have divine powers?

Because you need to analyses the whole brain of person.(each person have unique brain, and unique information in it) and restructure it into a database over information in the brain.

The cost of that analyses of a brain with todays technology it estimated to cost about $ 130 trillion world economy x (times) 2 million world economies at a total of $ 260 000 000 000 000 000 000,00

Then it needs to upload new quantum entangled information that is delivered thru the brains “live feed” at precise time, location, state of you are in and the state of the world (universe)around you.

It is not so easy to understand to begin with see how «The System» works: You must believe in a higher power called God and Jesus and the holy people, like virgin Marry and apostles.. You must ask Good to show you what he can do.

You must have faith. You must be sincere, not affected by hasj, marihuna, DMT, LCD or other narcotic/drugs/morfine/Opiate /or alcohol, no smoking,no tattoos, no thing that hurts your body, you must be clear in your mind and be able to plan the next day, week, or year in detail. You must be rested; pure in heart and mind. Do not engage in criminal activity, do not break the 10 commandments God gave you. You must open your mind, open your eyes to a panaromic view of details/data across elements and enhance your senses to see “The System – Super Information Symmetry” – some call it Synchronicity between your view, data storage containers/silo, systems, elements and disciplines. Then you need to have faith and believe it will come to you.

The system uploads information to you(what you are going to do, where you should be at a given time where you going to look, what you are doing, thinking, seeing and hearing.

Then there must be created information in as a grand plan, and it must be written like a program for church meeting is the day before religious service take place.

It is about planning future and set it out into actions.

Lets say it cost the same to make the plan as to analysis,(at a total of $ 260 000 000 000 000 000 000,00) and another cost (at a total of $ 260 000 000 000 000 000 000,00) (do not take the prices as a final precis cost, it needs to be more researched) to set it out there in the world – planning of information from other sources in the world into a Super Information Sysmmetry experience where every body will see clearly that there is a God.

This is only the beginning of what can happened in the future.

Read more about it:

The two documents in this article is a world heritage from me to you!


This two articles are the truth from me to you, and it is world heritage so you never forget the truth.

I suspect that in time when this information has sinked in to people that it will in the future be a subject of teaching in university about how reality really works, and how we understand science.

This articles are made and researched by Tor Fredrik C. D. Bjerke