The meaning of Super Information Symmetry



  1. 1.INFORMAL very good or pleasant; excellent.”Julie was a super girl”

2 .(of a manufactured product) very good; superfine.”a super quality binder”


especially; particularly.”he’s been super understanding”


  1. 1.INFORMAL a superintendent.”the super walked around the incident room”
  2. 2.INFORMAL ARCHAIC an extra, unwanted, or unimportant person; a supernumerary.


nounnoun: information

  1. 1.facts provided or learned about something or someone.”a vital piece of information”

a charge lodged with a magistrates’ court.plural noun: informations“the tenant may lay an information against his landlord

2.what is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things.”genetically transmitted information”

  • COMPUTING data as processed, stored, or transmitted by a computer.
  • (in information theory) a mathematical quantity expressing the probability of occurrence of a particular sequence of symbols, impulses, etc., as against that of alternative sequences.


nounnoun: symmetry

The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.”this series has a line of symmetry through its centre”

correct or pleasing proportion of the parts of a thing.”the overall symmetry makes the poem pleasant to the ear”

Similarity or exact correspondence between different things.plural noun: symmetries“the political symmetry between the two debates”

PHYSICS MATHEMATICS a law or operation where a physical property or process has an equivalence in two or more directions.

For en enorm bragd av GUD, JESUS, Mennesker og verdenen som er kalt planeten Tellus – Jorden-Kloden. Kjært barn har mange navn.

For en enorm bragd av Gud og Verdenen. Den huser i dag søndag 10 mai 2020 ca 7,7 milliarder mennesker som blir brødfødd av jorden. Se her:

Planeten brødfør 7,7 milliarder mennesker, den leverer hus, biler motorsykler, mopeder, helikoptere , fly, tog, båter, olje, gass, kull, veier, og navn på veier og steder og navn på bedrifter, personer og stater, fjell og sjø, fisk, frisk natur, luft /oksygen til å puste, 4 årstider, 4 elementer,: ild, luft, jord og vann, dyr, trevirke, trær/skog/blomster, strøm, TV, radio, mat fra landbruk/havbruk og kjøtt, vann, medisiner, skoler, universiteter og høyskoler, stater, bedrifter/næringsliv, butikker, forsknings organisasjoner, helsevesen, satelitter/GPS, romstasjonen ISS, romfart, Gud – Jesus – Kristendom (religioner) venner og familie, digital røntgen (Ultralyd & MRI & CT) datamaskiner, nettbrett, laptop, printere, scannere, digital kameraer og digital videokamera HD, 4K til 8K , regnskaps og logistikk systemer, mobiltelefoner og smarttelefoner, programvare og tjenester, kvante datamaskiner, filmer, lydbøker, podcast, Netflix, Youtube, HBO, musikk videoer, kunnskap, underholdning, smarttelefoner, internett, språk og arbeidsplasser.

Det er bare å ta av seg hatten for å gjennomføre en så stor logistikk daglig. For et mesterverk, for en disiplin av kloden.

Man kan si at Gud og verdenen har stor ordensans hvor vi bare kan takke Gud og jorden Tellus for all mat alt vannet og ting vi får og kan skape-Jorden kan bety Jord planet, eller Jeg Orden(jeg har ordensans) elller Jern Orden. (kan bety at det går på jern skinner eller at ordenen er så stram som jern er.)

Litt nostalgi:

Unlimited Computing prøver å bygget konsept på at man vil bare øke med å gjøre datamaskin beregninger og kjøre programmer og analysere data; At det vil bare øke og øke i det uendelig så lengde det blir født nye mennesker. Det er å sette på spissen at Gud har uendelig ressurser og kan beregne ting i det uendelig for oss.

The truth

If you believe in higher powers like God and Jesus that have greater powers than youself, companies, organizations, and government/states, then you are on a good patch!

If you belive in the lord God almighty, you belive in yourself and that the world / universe(+God and you) are super smart and advanced, rich; safe, have friends and family an house, car, food, fun and amusement, all the money you need and that there is life after death you will get from God and Universe just that what you: believe, want you desire, what you ask for, what your faith is, for what you aims are for and move in directions off your will and wants and set your self in the mood to receive gifts(think that you receive it) and you will get this/it in some time!

You will then get this things you need.

Now if you do not believe in great things and not surround your self with greatness; like do not believe in God and Jesus then your life will be boring and there will be no life and death!

God the controller of the universe will give you what you think and want! Regardless if you are a believer or not!

In computer science we say that the program with command is immediately uploaded to the brain by BIN-HEX installed, implemented and run on the fly in live time! that is how fast it goes = instant – faster than light!

“THE SYSTEM” above all other systems!

What is “THE SYSTEM”?

It is alive, but it is not alive like a human is alive.

It is the world, the universe, nature, nanotechnology, electricity, radio waves, light, humans, animals, technology, quantum super positions.(super states)It seems to be quantum entanglement, delivery at the best state of the art experience that is perfect combination of feelings, art, thoughts, actions, body control, and systems linked to other external sources.! It has extreme control and extreme disiplin all the way down to the last grain. “The System” is hyper smart, hyper structured. It is linked to bits scattered in the world to form a large picture of many small pictures and a concept of that there is a God and it creates belief in God and Jesus without any shadow of doubt because it is proven systematically, mathematically, scientifically and knowledge that there is a system of higher power that most likely is omnipotent! Thank you God and Jesus and myself for all that I have got in my life and for all the thing I am going to get!

“The System” is a masterpiece above Albert Einstein knowledge like (e=mc2)

It is above Leonardo da Vinci masterpieces like:,_Salvator_Mundi,_c.1500,_oil_on_walnut,_45.4_%C3%97_65.6_cm.jpg,_by_Leonardo_da_Vinci,_from_C2RMF_retouched.jpg

It surpass even the greatest works like: Beethoven – Symhony No. 5

And Edvard Grieg, In the Hall of the Mountain King from “Peer Gynt”

and Edvard Grieg – Morningmoods.

What is Super Information Symmetry(SIS) in “THE SYSTEM”?

All information: notes, papers, TV shows, magazines, books, signs, newspapers, painting, drawings, logos, photos, posters, movies, music, radio, internet, computer file(pictures) word document, excel documents, computer programs, and names of people and places are all in what seems chaotic with no system in it but for a believer i it is under a super disiplin and super structures of Super Information Systems.

SIS is a hyper intelligent knowledge information system that is driven at high detail precision targeting information and links the information of your sate as; thoughts, locations on GPS (as example) on a webpage, signs, posters, music, movie, TV, smartphone, computer information, information from other people, and artwork and setup a link between them(the world state) with what your see, what your think, and what happens around you. Is the world objects in entanglement with your brain and timing the information at body at a super state.

Now since I am the person who wrote down details about “THE SYSTEM” and “Super Information Symmetry” what is it, how it works and I am christian I must assume that this comes from God. The System and SIS is an extreme rich detail plan and come with a smashing truth that can set you out of balance.

Why “THE SYSTEM” seems to have divine powers?

Because you need to analyses the whole brain of person.(each person have unique brain, and unique information in it) and restructure it into a database over information in the brain.

The cost of that analyses of a brain with todays technology it estimated to cost about $ 130 trillion world economy x (times) 2 million world economies at a total of $ 260 000 000 000 000 000 000,00

Then it needs to upload new quantum entangled information that is delivered thru the brains “live feed” at precise time, location, state of you are in and the state of the world (universe)around you.

It is not so easy to understand to begin with see how «The System» works: You must believe in a higher power called God and Jesus and the holy people, like virgin Marry and apostles.. You must ask Good to show you what he can do.

You must have faith. You must be sincere, not affected by hasj, marihuna, DMT, LCD or other narcotic/drugs/morfine/Opiate /or alcohol, no smoking,no tattoos, no thing that hurts your body, you must be clear in your mind and be able to plan the next day, week, or year in detail. You must be rested; pure in heart and mind. Do not engage in criminal activity, do not break the 10 commandments God gave you. You must open your mind, open your eyes to a panaromic view of details/data across elements and enhance your senses to see “The System – Super Information Symmetry” – some call it Synchronicity between your view, data storage containers/silo, systems, elements and disciplines. Then you need to have faith and believe it will come to you.

The system uploads information to you(what you are going to do, where you should be at a given time where you going to look, what you are doing, thinking, seeing and hearing.

Then there must be created information in as a grand plan, and it must be written like a program for church meeting is the day before religious service take place.

It is about planning future and set it out into actions.

Lets say it cost the same to make the plan as to analysis,(at a total of $ 260 000 000 000 000 000 000,00) and another cost (at a total of $ 260 000 000 000 000 000 000,00) (do not take the prices as a final precis cost, it needs to be more researched) to set it out there in the world – planning of information from other sources in the world into a Super Information Sysmmetry experience where every body will see clearly that there is a God.

This is only the beginning of what can happened in the future.

Read more about it:

The two documents in this article is a world heritage from me to you!


This two articles are the truth from me to you, and it is world heritage so you never forget the truth.

I suspect that in time when this information has sinked in to people that it will in the future be a subject of teaching in university about how reality really works, and how we understand science.

This articles are made and researched by Tor Fredrik C. D. Bjerke

En verdens arv til dere fra meg:

Disse to artikkelene:


Dette er en sannhet og en verdensarv til dere, så dere aldri glemmer sannheten.

Jeg regner med at når omfanget og forståelsen av disse to artikkelene har sunket inn hos folk så vil det bli et eget feilt i universitetsfag hvor det stiller store spørsmål om hvordan virkeligheten egentlig fungerer.

Detter er laget og forsket frem av Tor Fredrik C. D. Bjerke

To build the REsolution of the eyes it will consumes all of the data in Human DNA.

This article is a new angel of view than this article has:

This means that there is a hidden super structured template that creates the human body .

‘If we would use all the data in DNA we could not even create the eyes!

Wide angel view of human beings eyes has a resolution of about 500 Megapixels.

Dived that by 2 megapixels that is the same as HD resolution(1920×1080) and you get about 250 HD monitors at HD resolution (computer screens or TV).

Now the image from the eyes data steam is raw biological format and estimated to about 5.7 Megabytes for one HD image.

So you time(it might be 10 -100 times larger than→)s 5,7 MB x 250 = 1 425 mb =1,425 Gigabytes. The eyes take at one frame of about 30 frames a second. That also means that the there must he at least 500 000 000 pixels (that is about 500 megabytes that delivers a data stream of 1,425GB an imaage) that make out the eye that must be created.

(1,425 x 30 frames = 42,5 Gigabyte a second. Times 60 seconds =1282,5 Gb times 60 minutes = 1282,5 Gb times 24 hours = 30 780 gigabyte a day times 365 days = 11 234 700 gigabyte a year times 80 years = 898 776 000 gigabyte a life)

Now the human DNA (Genome) is at 1,5 GB.

The code and system to create the eyes must be more than 500 megapixels large ( HD= 5,7Mb x 250 HD “cameras=1,425 Gb” )

It does not have enough data in the DNA that only have 1,5 Gigabytes in it.

And the human DNA must also be used to create other organs and brain that is a lot more than 1,5 Gigabytes of storage.

Example the brains is expected to have a storage capacity of 10 Exabytes = 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 bytes.

Logic is broken. (Maybe in Quantum Science we can find the answer there?.)

It shows that there is a hidden reality(system/science) behind the creating of the human body.

Either a computer simulated world we are living in or we live inside God or both.

Her er flere som mener at Gud og Jesus eksisterer:

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Bibelen er printet i ca 5 milliarder kopier. Det må jo være en eller annen av de leserne av bibelen som tror.

Professor John Lennox | God DOES exist

Do you know why the research team of CERN calls the Higgs Boson for the God Particle? The cost of the installation of Cern particle accelerator and detector cost $ 50 billion USD.


Gud og universet gir deg hva du tror på! Hvis du ikke tror på noen Gud, og heller ikke noe liv etter døden, så får du dessverre rett, livet blir kjedelig.

Hvis du tror på Jesus og Gud og høyere interessant viten så gir (Gud) universet deg alt du trenger, mirakler, trygghet, store ting i livet og evig liv.

Divine reality

Divine reality

I am Tor Fredrik Bjerke. When I was about 3 years old, I witnessed a visit from space that had divine powers over reality (breaking many of the rules of physics/reality we are bound to)

Since then I knew that there is a higher power above humans with great margin. I am trying to not break any God rules or country rules because I have seen the supreme control and power God has.

I was a smart kid at 3 years old and knew the rules of physics/reality was broken in my bedroom by visitor from space(moon)
I have seen things you won’t believe. But I believe! I have since the visit from space studied all I can to try to come up with an explanation of what divine things I have experienced firsthand.

So, I study physics, universe, math, biology (DNA) technology, storage requirements for DNA and storage requirement of human brains, computer science. I dig in any literature I could find for many years. I went thru all the knowledge I could find on the internet to come up with a new paradigm that explains the reality.

I am kind and nice man: I worked for more than 13 years for free to come up with something that I can stick my believes to. I bought computer hardware and software in a large scale for a lot of money without earning anything, with only the feeling that I will find the truth, eventually – eventually I did find truth. It was a big WOW.

Some said:
How does it then work then?

Some said, what a discipline you have – what a system, what a sense of order, what of amazing knowledge is behind this to understand it, how is it possible to have such a sense of systematic structure. Atheist said: congratulations in your discovery and your proving of a higher entity like God.

The truth is now for free for you!

I worked hard so you could not only have faith and hope in the existence of God, but that I / you can with real proof and good understanding KNOW that God is there and that God exist, so you do not do sins, and for your safety that aggressive none believers and followers of false religions can can see what you know that God is real, so they don’t do fraud, crime, murder, sins, violence or act of nihilism.

I worked hard because I see the lack of belief in the world in God or Jesus.
What I came up with was two things:


Now I made concept based on what I have experienced and i try to make an output based on input.

Now I don’t to miracles as Jesus did, but I build a concept that anybody can read, test and understand how God sticks to reality. It is a system; knowledge, technology, biology(DNA) – science – math, together that forms an evidence of the existence of God. When you read the truth, nobody can take it away from you what you have experienced the truth or what you know.
Now you know!

Nobody can take away from you what you know, especially what you know above the truth!

The New Era of Supercomputing